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The HCUP Central Distributor is the entity that accepts, processes, and fulfills applications for the purchase of HCUP databases, and manages data use agreements (DUAs) for all data users. 

You may use this online system to:

Required HCUP Data Use Agreement (DUA) Training

Purchasers and all individuals with access to the HCUP databases are required to complete the web-based HCUP Data Use Agreement (DUA) Training. The training takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Note your certification code and completion date for proof of training, which is required to complete your account profile when you Register.

Database Catalog Browsing and Shopping

You may browse the Database Catalog at any time, but you must Register with the HCUP Central Distributor in order to submit an application for purchasing databases or save databases to your shopping cart beyond the current user session. As a registered account holder you may save items in your shopping cart for thirty (30) days before checking out.

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Submitting a DUA Without a Data Purchase

If you will be collaborating on another person’s data project, or otherwise using data you do not own, you must submit the appropriate DUA(s) prior to gaining access to the data. See the Data Use Info & Agreements tab for details and instructions.

Submitting an application for purchasing HCUP Databases

To complete and submit an application for purchasing HCUP Databases, you must be a registered account holder. 

  1. Log in, select databases from the Database Catalog and add them to your shopping cart.
    • Nationwide and State databases cannot be added to the same application. If you plan to use both Nationwide and State databases for your project, you will need to submit two separate orders.
  2. Complete your application, using the check-out process from your shopping cart.
    • All online database purchases require online acknowledgment of applicable HCUP Data Use Agreements, the Responsibilities of the Data Purchaser, and the Indemnification Clause. 
    • Requests for State databases will require a Statement of Intended Use. 
    • To facilitate the process, review the terms of the data use agreements and prepare your Statement of Intended Use before initiating checkout. See the Data Use Info & Agreements tab for information.
    • Payments by credit card, check, purchase order, or wire transfer are accepted. 

After submitting your application, watch for emails from the HCUP Central Distributor ( containing your invoice, verification of credit card authorization if applicable, any instructions to complete your application, approval notification, and download instructions or shipping confirmation.

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Checking the Status of Your Data Application

  • To access all details of your request, including invoice, Data Use Agreements, Statement of Intended Use, and current status, Log in and view Orders under My Account.
  • State Database are shipped on CD/DVD, typically within 5-7 business days after AHRQ reviews and approves the Statement of Intended Use.
  • As of September 2019, orders for State and Nationwide databases must be submitted separately. If your older order includes both Nationwide and State databases, Nationwide Databases will not be available for download until AHRQ approves your Statement of Intended Use for the State database(s).

Downloading Your Purchased Nationwide Databases

Nationwide Databases are delivered via digital download. You will receive an email notification when your purchased Nationwide Database products are ready to download. Instructions are included in the email to log in and view Orders under My Account. Download links expire after 7 days.

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Re-using Previously Purchased State-level Data for a New Project

Each application and approval for State-level data is project-specific. If you have State-level HCUP data (SID, SASD, or SEDD) from a previous project and wish to use the data for a purpose other than that originally approved, or as concrete projects emerge from approved exploratory work, you must submit a "Data Re-Use Request" to the HCUP Central Distributor for review and approval by AHRQ before work may begin on the new project.

Data Re-Use requests are submitted and managed on the State Data Re-Use tab under My Account. You must be the current custodian of the HCUP data to submit a re-use request.

Transferring Custody of Your Data to Another Individual

You are the custodian for all data you purchase. If you will no longer have access to your data and will be transferring custody to another person, you may request a data custodian transfer by contacting the HCUP Central Distributor. Please remember that individuals, not entities, are responsible for the use and security of the HCUP data, so the data purchaser remains responsible for any use or potential misuse unless and until custody is formally transferred to another individual.


If you have questions concerning HCUP database purchases, your current order, the submission of required HCUP Data Use Agreements (DUAs), training certificate codes, or invoices, please review the Purchasing FAQs or contact the HCUP Central Distributor:

Important Information
HCUP Databases

HCUP Nationwide and State Databases are available for purchase online through the HCUP Central Distributor to applicants who complete the HCUP Data Use Agreement (DUA) Training and sign an HCUP DUA.

Each HCUP Partner determines the availability and pricing for their data. A summary table shows the Availability of HCUP Databases Across States and Years. Some Partners may place additional restrictions on the sale of their data.

Not all data elements are available from every State. Study the applicable database documentation prior to purchase.
Supplemental Files

HCUP supplemental files are hospital-level or discharge-level files that augment the information contained in the HCUP databases. These files are available to HCUP data users free of charge with the purchase of the HCUP data files to which they apply.
Data Use Agreements

Purchasers and all individuals with access to the databases are required to read and agree to the Data Use Agreement after completing the web-based HCUP Data Use Agreement Training. See the Data Use Info & Agreements tab for more information.

Database Pricing and Delivery

Shipping and handling charges are included in all State Database prices. Nationwide Databases are delivered via secure digital download.

Payment must be received before the databases are shipped or activated for download.

Databases may only be delivered to the registered account holder who has completed the HCUP DUA Training.

Data Re-Use Request

If you have HCUP State-level data from a previous project and wish to use the data for a purpose other than that originally approved, you must submit a request for State Data Re-Use.

Registering for an Account

When you Register for an account with the Central Distributor, you will provide your personal contact information (name, email address, phone number, organization affiliation, current/shipping address) and proof of HCUP DUA Training. Your information will be used to evaluate your application, fulfill your order, and to follow up in the event of a Data Use Agreement (DUA) violation. If you request State databases, your full application will be shared with each applicable State data organization.

HCUP Central Distributor Ordering Web Site. September 2020. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD.
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